Hi, I’m Dr. Betsy Guerra


I'm a Licensed Psychotherapist with 20 years of clinical experience.
I'm an inspirational speaker and the author of Hurt 2 Hope.
I'm here to share with you how I used the excruciating pain of losing my beloved baby girl to transform my pain and become the happiest woman on earth.
I know it sounds absolutely crazy and totally unbelievable to be able to say something like that after such a tragedy, but I’ll show you how it’s possible.
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While my story and journey going from Hurt to Hope is directly tied to losing my daughter, that doesn’t mean this will only help those who have lost a child.

Anyone who is experiencing profound pain from a loss of any kind will find benefit from Hurt 2 Hope. Whether you’ve lost a spouse because of death or divorce…lost a parent, relative, or someone you were close to I'm here to help you too.
I have a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and 20 years of experience meaning I can combine my clinical expertise with spiritual wisdom and personal experience to bring hope to people in pain and teach you how to rise above your grief.

It is possible to live with peace, gratitude and acceptance. It might seem impossible right now, but I’ve been able to grow from my pain and so can you!