Hello, I'm Dr. Betsy Guerra


Hurt 2 Hope exists to help you heal the pain of loss and work towards a happier future


In this two-part book, Dr. Betsy shares her story vulnerably and then takes you on a journey to hope. Part one will help you connect with your own raw pain in a way that carries you to peace. In part two, she teaches the clinical and spiritual t ools you need to navigate through your struggles and end suffering.


An uplifting community that came together because of grief, but remains connected through hope. We identify with hope, rather than grief. We relate to others in similar circumstances, but not because we are suffering; rather, because we are transforming our pain into purpose.


A heart-centered private practice of competent professionals devoted to elevate humanity by helping individuals rise above their pain, create fulfilling relationships, and become a better version of themselves. We do this through one-on-one therapy, group programs, and speaking engagements.

Here's What It's Meant To Others


Hurt2Hope is a program and community designed to help you get unstuck through the clinical and spiritual tools I instill. I help people in pain find hope to propel forward.

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If you have lost a loved one, this video will help.

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Hurt 2 Hope is...

“… my unique approach that combines my many years as a Therapist, my personal life experience, and a sprinkle of faith to help you go from Hurt 2 Hope.”